Over the years I spent managing people for my own businesses and as a hired manager I constantly faced numerous manifestations of the well-known truth: information is king. And all of us are just its humble servants. But how can we serve our master properly?

I was always keen to learn from the Nature. By analysing different natural phenomena I constantly notice that observed algorithms, rules and laws can be pretty accurately extrapolated to various social and technical aspects of our life. Those analogies often help me to understand underlying processes and motives as well as predict results of one or another action. Apart from that I simply enjoy the process, since it’s truly amazing and infinitely entertaining to observe how closely different aspects of our existence correlate with each other.

To showcase that, I suggest discussing a role of information for company operations through…

Wow, very impressive improvements, thanks for sharing.


Despite being a fan of Spring Framework, every now and then I experience a feeling of “stomach heaviness” employing it in the micro-service architecture. Fast to create, a tiny SpringBoot REST API with a mundane business logic and RDBMS connectivity usually encounters up to tens of thousands of classes and consumes 300–500 MB of RAM at runtime. One can argue that memory and computational resources are commodities nowadays and the flip side of the Spring’s cumbersomeness are resilience and stability. While it’s definitely true to some extent, I refuse to believe that stable application can’t be lean and efficient. …

Serhii Hainulin

Software Engineering, Innovations, Creative Thinking and more. Got lean before Corona ;).

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